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Special Offer of Support

Womb Healing Sessions

Are you experiencing an abnormal disruption in your menstrual cycle since Covid, since being vaccinated, or since being exposed to someone recently vaccinated?

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Support for unprecedented times

Testimonials are pouring in from women around the USA, sharing their story of how they have been experiencing a major disruption in their fertility and menstrual cycles...and even worse, since having Covid, since receiving the Covid vaccine, or after being exposed to someone (or many) who were recently vaccinated.

If you are one of these women, apply below for a special one-off Wombspace Session where we will spend 90 minutes going over your symptoms and creating a holistic wombspace healing protocol together.

We will address body, soul, and spirit and ensure you have support in every facet. I will guide you through a deep womb cleansing, and help restore a sense of safety within your body. You will receive a comprehensive plan to begin implementing right away to support your fertility during these unprecedented times.

This plan may include but is not limited to:

introduction to my Womb Sync method


womb clearing

movement and exercises

herbal medicine

yoni steaming schedule (also known as V-steaming)

internal pelvic floor work

somatic practices


lineage clearing and healing

yoni egg practices

and more...

90 minutes, $333 due at time of booking

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