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Tier 1

My heart for this program is felt in these words:

sisterhood, re-wilding, connection, fire, healing, reclamation, wholeness, earthy, expression, spiritual, held, dance, freedom, home, un-leashing, witnessing, release, innocence, savage, mystical, play, nurture, untamed, sensual, wombspace...

The Details

This tier will become available after the Beta round completes.
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What's Included

  • 6 months


  • Live calls with Amanda (3 hours) over Zoom

  • Virtual group portal where I will upload all mediations, practices, supplements, replays, etc.

  • A group chat where you will be able to integrate in a group setting.

  • A Private group of loving, supportive women on this journey with you to co-create the most beautiful experience. (we will not be using Facebook. you will be able to disconnect from social media as you feel led without needing to abandon the group or disconnect from sisterhood support.)

  • Guest speakers

  • The Heal Your Own Gaze Mastery Program (By: Morgan Day Cecil) Curriculum (lifetime access)


By Morgan Day Cecil

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Pay In Full

$3900 USD

Credit/Debit Card


Transaction fees included in price.

6 Month Payment Plan

$650/month USD

Credit/Debit Card or PayPal


Transaction fees included in price.

9 Month Payment Plan

$434/month USD

Credit/Debit Card or PayPal


Transaction fees included in price.

What Women Say About Working with Me
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I no longer experience perfectionist tendencies, unhealed feminine and masculine wounds, and massive self doubt. I’ve not only healed from past trauma and worked on healing “little Julia”, but I’ve healed current and future Julia in the process.

I’m able to pursue dreams I never would have had the confidence to pursue. I’m able to have a deeper connection with myself and my husband. I’m able to give myself love, pleasure and affirmation without a second thought.

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In working with Amanda, I have connected my head-knowledge with my hearts needs and my wombspace, my desire.
Amanda’s expertise helped me wholly come home to myself! No longer numb, I now value how I feel, how I see, how I walk! 

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I am finally getting to a place where I'm not only feeling my feelings but I'm connecting to my desires and getting clear on them. No matter what they are, without judgement, whether they're big or small or whatever, and expressing them.

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The Heal Your Own Gaze Mastery Program by Morgan Day Cecil

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