Heal Your Own Gaze
Mastery Program

By: Morgan Day Cecil, Creator of The Feminine Wholeness Method

One part sexual re-education, teaching you the things your mama didn’t know to teach you so that you (and the next generation) can feel alive and whole.

One part technical tools and tips on the art of self portraiture, a.k.a the “selfie” so that you can feel confident in every photo you take.


One part soulful deep dive into redefining sexy on your own terms, owning your own spiritual beauty, and trusting yourself like never before.


Give yourself permission to

belong to yourself,

take back the power around your sexuality and

embody spiritual beauty on your own terms.

When we heal our gaze we heal our life.



In the 1960s the discovery of the “self-image” was considered by many to be the most important psychological discovery of the century.

Your “self-image” is how you see yourself.

In this day in age of social media likes and follows and the bombardment of visual images of all kinds, it is more important than ever to address.


1. All your actions, feelings, behaviors, even your abilities, are always consistent with your self-image.

2. Your self-image can be changed.

(This is good and powerful news!)

Image by Charles Chen




Through the Heal Your Own Gaze program you will re-imagine your self-image as a woman through taking a closer look at old narratives, addressing the sticky conditioning in the unconscious mind, and finding power through creative self-expression and playfulness!

This is the only course out there of it’s kind.

Think of it like this:

One part sexual re-education following the 6 Expressions of S.H.E.Power (Sexy. Holy. Energy) and the 5 stages of healthy sexual development (what our mothers didn’t know how to teach us because no one taught them).

One part technical tips and embodiment tools on the art of self portraiture, a.k.a the “selfie” so that you can take back the power of your visual image and (bonus!) feel confident in every photo you take.

One part soulful deep dive into the sacred feminine, to feel sexy on your own terms (in every season of your life), embody your spiritual beauty, and trust yourself like never before.

Through the unique Heal Your Own Gaze process we will be challenging embodied limiting beliefs around sex, God, womanhood and our identity.

  • Art-Therapy through guided Sexy Selfie Sexy Soul practices.

  • Re-wiring the brain through embodiment practices and work with feminine archetypes.

  • Creating new narratives through sharing our stories and experiences.


The Heal Your Own Gaze program is designed to work on all parts of who you are as a woman (body, mind, heart and soul) so that what you gain by doing the work isn’t just more information, but integrated and embodied feminine wisdom.