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Heal Your Own Gaze Mastery Program

By Morgan Day Cecil


come home to you

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This is an archetypal journey into YOU.

A safe haven, a greenhouse, a cocoon, a wombspace where you can heal, flourish, and radiate.

Thus, the name, "Wombspace."

Inside of this 6 month group mentorship container, we don't focus on the womb per sé, but on you as a whole woman.

My choosing the name for this container was so you could feel the sense of home, and sense of safety you can create within your own body.

I will guide you through various, unique expressions of the feminine, and the ways they apply to you as a modern spiritual woman with a feminine soul. I have created my own "archetypes" if you would, to help you move through forms and expressions that you may have said "that's not me" about in the past, and I encourage you to create your own as you discover the flavors you feel to express in your own way. You've had enough spaces in your life where people have told you who to be and how, and it's not part of the work I do to teach you a new set of rules to follow, or boxes to contort into.

The mentorship journey is woven through these feminine archetypes to help you ignite your unique feminine flavor as a woman, and to re-establish the truth that women, and the feminine, are trustworthy.

We will tap into more of your "authentic" expression and explore the different flavors of humanity and femininity within you from an embodied place. This includes the commonly shamed flavors of the feminine and not just the glorified ones.

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By Morgan Day Cecil

Included with Tier 1

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Your Guest Teachers


Emma Lumé

I believe in the power of the human heart as our greatest medicine. I am a poet, artist, multidimensional creative, and wild womb space holder guide - a human being who has committed her life to expanding beyond borders, rules, and the realm of possibility. I travel the world writing poetry and teaching embodiment - reminding the rebel ones of their inner power.

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Morgan Day Cecil

I’m here to teach women how to see and love who they really are, body and soul, because self-image is deeply connected to our experience of wholeness.

By giving women the tools and permission to play with and own how they see themselves, women gain the keys to set themselves free from family, cultural and religious conditioning.


Lauren Megan

I am a full-spectrum Pleasure Coach & Priestess. I help women awaken and activate pleasure, purpose and sacred consciousness. It is my mission to empower women to create, have and be everything they desire. I believe that when conscious woman feel empowered, turned on and lit up they make the impact needed to better the planet. 

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Olivia Rose Seline

Mother, Women’s Coach, and a Radical Birthkeeper. I’m here to guide women as they pull back the veil and become fluent in the mother tongue of their body, their blood, their wombspace, and their pleasure for a more orgasmic

& wholly-nourished life.

And more to be announced...

My heart is to spotlight teachers this round who are embodying their talk, and who are passionate about reconnecting women to their inner wisdom, bodies, and inherent freedoms. I am only reaching out to women who I believe would be a wonderful fit for my community, and whose work in the world I truly value.


My hope is that it would bring value to the container, and would light a fire inside of you to move through the world in a more alive way with even less care for what society says a wild or embodied woman looks like.

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The Heal Your Own Gaze Mastery Program by Morgan Day Cecil

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In this Container You Will Learn:

To create such a stronghold of safety in your body that self expression becomes natural instead of "too much."

To integrate trauma, alchemize shame, and create capacity in the body for pleasure and abundance.

To discern the gifts that your shadow self has to offer you, and how to leverage your inner "bad girl" for greater alchemy and spiritual growth.

To rewrite religious programming that keeps you playing small, mistrusting of yourself and your deep inner wisdom; learn to ask for what you want.

To play with Feminine and Masculine energetics within yourself -- and how to create structure in your life that supports your wild feminine flow.

To identify your specific flavor of sexuality, learn how to communicate with and through the body, and honor your feminine seasons.

Yoni gazing, healing body shame, and seeing ourselves through the soft lens of self acceptance. See yourself with new eyes, and learn to delight in your unique beauty.

The basics of feminine receivership and surrender, and how to open as Love to receive and embody your desire as a spiritual woman connected to God AND herself.

Addressing and healing mother and father woundings, rebirthing your sovereign self. Rewriting old narratives with your own creative voice.

Re-establishing a sense of innocence in your bones, replacing the chase for healing with the embodiment of your wholeness.

Loving your body for who she is, how she is, where she is, and what she is feeling. Learn to walk from a place of self acceptance.

Unleash your inner wild woman once and for all, take up space and loosen your gills. Open your throat, activate your throat, and roar.

And soooo much more...

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Wombspace is a magical mentorship container for women who are ready for their next level, their next unfolding, and who desire to express more of the feminine through their bodies and in their lives.

They crave more beauty, more poetry, more aliveness, more fluidity, and a deeper relationship to self.

This container is a haven and a greenhouse for you to come alive within. It's like a wombspace for your feminine soul. And thus, it has been named.

We will not be focusing on your womb,

but focusing on you as a whole, embodied woman.

This is an archetypal journey designed to unlock more of YOU.

Are you feeling drawn?

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I want to draw you into claiming your desires to:

  • live a life of permission. (hear yourself wishing you had permission to ....?)

  • be an expressive, va-va-voom radiant woman with that hint of fire, mystery and intrigue you secretly wished you possessed (think of icons like Grace Kelly, Candace Owens, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren...dang.)

  • I want to draw you into venturing into deeper relationship and intimacy with yourself.

  • Into owning your power, and inhabiting your voice.

  • No more denying your wild, and your feminine ferocity.

  • No more living tamed and domesticated. Instead: Confidence in your calling and creative gifts. Knowing intuitively when to dig in your heels and push through, and when to rest and receive.

  • Being able to play between the tensions of warrioress and priestess.

What Women Say About Working with Me
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I no longer experience perfectionist tendencies, unhealed feminine and masculine wounds, and massive self doubt. I’ve not only healed from past trauma and worked on healing “little Julia”, but I’ve healed current and future Julia in the process.

I’m able to pursue dreams I never would have had the confidence to pursue. I’m able to have a deeper connection with myself and my husband. I’m able to give myself love, pleasure and affirmation without a second thought.

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In working with Amanda, I have connected my head-knowledge with my hearts needs and my wombspace, my desire.
Amanda’s expertise helped me wholly come home to myself! No longer numb, I now value how I feel, how I see, how I walk! 

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I am finally getting to a place where I'm not only feeling my feelings but I'm connecting to my desires and getting clear on them. No matter what they are, without judgement, whether they're big or small or whatever, and expressing them.

Let Your body take the shape of you

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Apply Here:


Amanda Rose

Founder of The Soulful Apothecary, CEO of Wholeness Mirroring, Breathwork and Meditation Instructor, Feminine Wholeness Method Practitioner, Womb healing facilitator, Tantrica, Rewilded Birth Birthkeeper, Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapist, Certified Soma MysticaPractitioner, Certified The Self Holding Method Practitioner

Write these down on paper, kiss them goodbye, seal it with wax,
and burn it in the fire:

  • No more fawning

  • No more living from survival and desperation

  • No more strict perfectionism

  • No longer experience massive self doubt

  • No longer live numb or disconnected, running on emotional autopilot

  • No longer unclear on your desires and true needs

  • No more being held back by fear of failure or rejection

  • No longer going against your inner wisdom

  • No longer catering to feelings of inadequacy

  • No more feeling stuck like a helpless maiden

  • No more imposter syndrome, and fear of success and pleasure

  • No more fixing, and striving to catch up to your "higher" self

  • No more cutting yourself off at the lady balls

  • No more denying your wild and your feminine ferocity

  • No more living tamed and domesticated, unable to allow expression and pleasure to flow through your veins

  • No more bending to the insecurities and judgements of others

  • No more fear of being witnessed and SEEN